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Long Span Stainless Steel Pallet

The main material is steel, which is mainly used for ground storage, shelf storage, cargo transportation, turnover and other metal tray series. The placement of horizontal platform devices as unit loads. It's an important industrial storage and transport equipment one of the auxiliary.


Specifications Of Long Span Stainless Steel Pallet

MaterialQ235 steel
Surface treatmentGalvanized/powder coating
Entry Type2way/4 way
FaceSingle face/deck, double face
Dynamic Load1000KG
Static Load6000KG
Selective rack1000KG
OtherAll the size and load can be customized

Features Of Long Span Stainless Steel Pallet

Mobile Safety Ladder


Our company is specializing in the production of various kinds of security seals: high security bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals, meter seals, metal strap seals and barrier seals, etc.

Movable Platform Ladder


The company produces various kinds of security seals, various types, shapes and sizes of the seals, in order to meet your different needs.

Mobile Step Ladders With Wheels

Quality Controlled The company is considering.”Quality First, Service First"

Advantage Of Long Span Stainless Steel Pallet

Mobile Work Platform Ladder

It is made of high quality steel materials, so its stable, durable and has good load capability.

Ladder Mobile

Beautiful appearance; It has long life span and maintenance free because its surface is zinc plated and electrostatic sprayed.

Mobile Safety Step Ladder

Steel pallet is convenient for goods storing and proper for forkman.

Mobile Hydraulic Ladder

It can be customized according to the load capacity and size.

Movable Ladder

Steel pallets are widely used in various fields like machinery, chemical, medicine, textile, foods and logistics.

Wanna to improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs? Maobang steel pallets factory will be your ideal warehouse racking system solution.

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