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Space optimization exceeds 80%.

Low maintenance costs and low assembly costs make this system one of the most cost-effective systems.

Competitive structure when compare with other storage systems.

Provide the best performance, utilization can exceed 80% of the available space.

Designed to quickly reconfigure the structure for expansion or change as needed.

Easy to load or find in this kind of pallet racking system.

Maximized storage floor and height.

Easy to assemble modular structure.

Maximize space

Simple system

Due to the various size of depth, width and height of the pallets and goods, our racking system could be customized and will try our best to reach the request same as yours.

The modular system can also be reconfigured to suit any future needs and change the pallet size. With the help of adjustable beams, the rack can be configured to adapt to changes in the type of goods stored, and the wide aisle allows all types of forklift to enter.

It can achieve fast throughput, relatively simple loading and unloading, and trouble free. The versatility of the standard pallet racking system enables it to adapt to your current storage needs and adapt to future business growth.


Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Selective racking is an easy to use, reliable and low cost storage pallet storage system.

This is a single pallet storage solution that supports warehouse inventory rotation. Each pallet is easy to load and retrieve from a single channel, and because it is only one or two pallet deep, it's suitable for each kind of forklift. Pallet selective racking provides an economical way to use vertical warehouse space to better save cube space and use floor space more efficiently.

We can offer professional design of storage system according to your warehouse need and your requirement to accommodate pallets of almost any size or weight, please feel free to contact us.

Maobang offers custom rack selective for different warehousing logistics planning and design requirements. Inquiry now!

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