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Mezzanine Floor And Racking System

Attic shelf is a kind of simple shelf that makes full use of space. Build a middle loft on a shelf or work site to increase storage space.

In general, the floor of the attic can be used for light and small goods or goods with long storage life. Forklift, elevator, conveyor belt or lifting platform can be used to lift the goods.The attic generally USES light car or pallet traction car operation.

The biggest feature of the platforms adjustable mezzanines rack is its strong extensibility, which is suitable for warehouse storage in most factories and logistics centers, and the storage rate of the column storage loft is very high, which can increase the original storage capacity by at least twice. It is convenient and safe to use, and is the lowest cost one in the attic floor rack.


Why we should use the Mezzanine floor and racking system?

Why we should use the Mezzanine floor and racking system?

1. The storage area increases by more than double. In other words, it can be said that the storage cost of the warehouse will also decrease by more than double.

2. The shelf of the attic warehouse is suitable for storing various types of goods. It is very flexible in storage and convenient in selection and access, which makes the storage management simple and improves the working efficiency of storage.

3. The steel Mezzanine floor system can improve the height of the racking, can be customized according to the height of the warehouse and user requirements, make full use of the height of the warehouse, better use of the storage space. Now the land and rent are more expensive, they caused the increase in enterprise storage costs, this feature of the attic shelf platform just solves the problems of the enterprise.

4. Special floor Steel plate is laid on the floor of the attic shelf platform, which has horizontal and vertical bearing underneath. It has the features of strong loading capacity, good integrity, even loading, smooth surface and easy locking.

5. Combined warehouse attic storage system fully considers humanized logistics, can be designed with stairs and goods lifting import and export, the whole modular structure installation simple, easy to disassemble, completely according to the field flexible design, three-dimensional sense of strong, neat arrangement plus bright colors, to the warehouse added a scenery line, the atmosphere is active.

If you are worried that no one can help you draw the drawing and you don't know how to confirm the plan, we have professional technical personnel who can provide on-site survey and plan making services.

We have mezzanine shelving bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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