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Mezzanine Platform System

Mezzanine, some people call it mezzanine, others call it: steel mezzanine, independent mezzanine, prefabricated mezzanine system, industrial platform, independent mezzanine assembly, modular mezzanine assembly, industrial mezzanine, storage platform, industrial mezzanine system or storage platform.

Warehouse racking mezzanine shelves are simple shelves that make full use of the upper floors of the warehouse. Build an intermediate attic racking on the existing shelf or work site to increase the storage area.

Generally, light foam and small and medium-sized goods or goods with a long storage period can be placed on the attic floor. The goods can be lifted by forklifts, conveyor belts, hoists, electric hoists or lifting platforms. Generally, light trolleys or pallet traction trolleys are used in the attic floor system.

The steel mezzanine platform can make full use of the warehouse space and flexibly design two or more floors. The upper space can be used as warehouse inventory, and the lower floor can be used as office area and production line.

The mezzanine floor system has strong bearing capacity and stable structure. The goods can be stored with stairs, guardrails, elevators, forklifts and other equipment. Widely used in logistics, hardware, electronics, printing and other industries.

Our mezzanine is specially designed. Strict engineering and design requirements enable us to avoid many problems in standard support design. For the mezzanine structure, our design has minimized the material to save the cost as much as possible.

We have mezzanine shelving bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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