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Racking Mezzanine

Assembled using standard pallet racking components, pallet racking frames and beams are combined to construct medium to heavy duty structures. The floor is placed either on top of or in between pallet racking bays. The floor is made up of beams that hook directly into the racking uprights and are secured with locking pins.

Shelves in the logistics system is a very important position, with the increase of growing logistic and warehouse number.

Shelves number will be more and more deficiency, can achieve the requirement of automation and mechanization.


There are three types of mezzanine variations

There are three types of mezzanine variations

1. Racking Mezzanine Floors

2. Long span Mezzanine Floors

3. Structural Steel Mezzanine Floors

The most popular types of mezzanine floors are constructed from pallet racking or long span shelving components as they are easy to assemble, customarily and relocate. Most are configured with shelving below making them perfect for picking parts or smaller stocked items.

Our dedicated team members can nurture a humble idea into a fully functional design with the highest safety standards and maximum utilization of your storage space. We supply and deliver the required materials and will install all warehouse racking to ensure the finished product meets your complete satisfaction.

Maobang offers custom mezzanine racking for different warehousing logistics planning and design requirements. Inquiry now!

More Details For You To Know Maobang Racking Mezzanine

01. Features of metal mezzanine systems

Particularly suited for small parts and archive storage.


Multiple shelving options, galvanized, wire or timber.


Wide range of accessories to further enhance storage effectiveness.


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