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Racking Solution Warehouse Pallet Racks

Most pallet racks are combined by beams and upright. Many companies often store more than one type of goods in the warehouse. Our racking factory designs racking for customers based on the current warehouse situation. Moreover, pallet racking system can change the structure of the shelf according to the customer's own needs, which is very practical.

Most selective racks mainly use pallets to store products. People will place the goods on the pallet, and store the pallet on the shelving by using a forklift, which greatly improves the efficiency of warehouse operations. Pallet racking have very efficient goods picking capabilities among all other racking system, which can effectively increase the turnover speed of the warehouse, make the operation of the entire warehouse faster, and better protect the integrity of the goods. A device that can be used in many corporate warehouses.

As the basis of many storage shelves, we can derive many other types of shelves through pallet shelves, which has the advantage of being able to target different types of goods in the market. Allowing storage shelves to be better popularized in various industries on the market has great benefits for the development of the entire shelf industry.


Brief Introduction Of Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a kind of heavy duty racking with a very simple structure and easy to use. It can be said that many types of shelves on the market are derived from pallet storage shelving. Pallet racks can be said to be the most basic storage racks. Although its structure is simple, pallet racks are still very competitive among the other racking type, they are applied to various types of warehouses.

Characteristic Of Racking Solution Warehouse Pallet Racks

Characteristic Of Racking Solution Warehouse Pallet Racks
  • Ability to store lots of references.

  • Direct and selective access to all loading units.

  • Easy control of stocks.

  • Easy combination with picking systems.

  • Simple system.

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