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Selective Pallet Racking And Shelving System

The carrying capacity of pallet racks is better in traditional storage racks. In manufacturing and bulk goods storage, pallet racks and high level racks have always been one of the mainstream storage equipment.The load bearing performance of this kind of shelf is very good, and several tons of pallet cargo can be easily handled. For example, products such as equipment, home appliances, chemicals, and important materials use pallet racks.

The malleability of pallet racks is also good. It can be custom built into a four or five storage style, or it can be carefully designed into a higher rack style to make better use of the upper space of the warehouse.

Although this shelf carries a lot of weight, it must be used in accordance with the rules and cannot be loaded with goods that are too heavy. This will bring great safety risks.

At the same time, if the purchased shelves are more convenient to use, it is necessary for the supply and demand parties to carry out close and friendly cooperation, formulate a good practical shelf plan, and implement the manufacturing well, so that the pallet shelves can be practically used and well integrated. The overall warehousing logistics of the enterprise.


Product Feature and Specification Of Selective Pallet Racking And Shelving System

Pallet racks are heavy duty racks and are a type of rack that is produced and sold by storage racking factories. Because they can easily pick the goods stored in any cargo space, they are also called selective racks, selective pallet rack, pallet position type racks, etc. The pallet racks have stable structure, strong durability, convenient disassembly and assembly, suitable for any goods, and are widely used in e-commerce logistics,bonded warehouses, and Third party logistics, factory and mining enterprise warehouses, etc. They are the storage shelves that are frequently used in automated three dimensional warehouses.

Characteristic Of Selective Pallet Racking And Shelving System

Characteristic Of Selective Pallet Racking And Shelving System
  • Ability to store lots of references.

  • Direct and selective access to all loading units.

  • Easy control of stocks.

  • Easy combination with picking systems.

  • Simple system.

We supply rack selective on-site measurement, program design, on-site installation guidance, rack inspection and maintenance. RFQ!

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