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Steel Selective Shelf Racking Storage

Details of pallet racking:

The heavy duty warehouse shelves are made of large and medium sized steel bases, with high strength, high wear resistance and long service life. The surface of the steel is made of environmentally friendly powder coating, which is not easy to fade, non toxic and harmless, low carbon and environmentally friendly, giving you a natural feeling of physical and mental health.

The pallet rack is convenient for storage and selection, and the layout of the pallet rack is relatively clear. When storing goods, whether it is inventory or picking up, you can easily drive the electric forklift to the storage rack for storage. When selecting products, you can see the status of all products at a glance.


Steel Selective Shelf Racking Storage Successful Cases

Steel Selective Shelf Racking Storage Successful Cases

Selective pallet racking is very useful and can be adapted to many different applications. Because of its large size, it is usually used in industry. The pallet is usually a wooden platform or steel pallet that can be used to store or transport things. These storage racks are widely used in warehouses, factories, chemical plants, food storage plants, large retail outlets and pharmaceutical factories and other industry factory shelves.

The pallet rack is a good product that helps to manage the space in the store or warehouse. These shelves have several places where pallets can be placed or stored. Each rack can hold a large number of pallets. There are a variety of different pallet racks to choose from, such as push back pallet racks, pallet flow racks, selective pallet racks, dual depth options. Pallet storage shelves are quite affordable and very economical. Each industrial application may have different shelf requirements. Therefore, many companies provide custom designed pallet racks according to user specifications.

These storage shelves need to be appropriately selected according to the requirements of the users, floor plan, size and usage. Another important aspect to consider before buying a pallet rack is the depth of the frame of the rack, the length of the beam, the height of the frame and the back to back gap. These storage shelves are known for their versatility and durability.

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