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Warehouse Catwalk Platform

The warehouse catwalk platform is to build an intermediate steel platform on the existing work site or racking shelf to increase the storage space, and it can be used as a second or third floor attic. The load-bearing capacity of the attic shelf can be up to 1500KG per square, lower than 600KG per square, and ordinary materials can be used. If it is higher than 600Kg, we will use H structure material, which can load bigger weight. No matter how much weight you need, Maobang can provide you with a satisfactory mezzanine storage rack solution.


Highlights Of Mezzanine Racks

Highlights Of Mezzanine Racks

1. By increasing the mezzanine shelves and making full use of the vertical height, the warehouse can achieve the highest utilization rate.

2. Special steel floor for mezzanine are laid on the floor, it has the characteristics of strong layer load capacity, good integrity, uniform layer load, smooth surface and easy locking.

3. The mezzanine storage solutions fully considers humanized logistics, with beautiful design, generous structure, convenient installation and disassembly, and can be flexibly designed according to the actual situation.

4. It is suitable for storing various types of items, and the goods can be accessed manually.

5. It can be used as warehouse inventory, exhibition hall or office space.

More Details Of Mezzanine Racks

Requirements for use: high warehouse, small goods, manual access, and large storage capacity.

Industry application: widely used in auto parts, electronic devices, machinery and other industries.

Market situation: The market for attic shelves is large, and the warehouse shelving and racking demand is rising, which is inseparable from its own characteristics and advantages.

Main parts of mezzanine platform:







●Steel plate

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