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Warehouse Heavy Duty Rack Storage

Longspan Racking provides an efficient storage solution with high carrying capacity, which can adapt to changes in product shape and size, packaging and relocation. 

The large span shelf unit is a simple storage unit that is easy to assemble, suitable for various storage needs from spare parts, hardware and workshop accessories.

Longspan Shelving is very suitable for warehouse solutions. This Longspan shelf is suitable for storing tools, equipment, materials and inventory. 

The standard rack comes with 4 levels, and other levels can also be provided to meet your exact requirements. Longspan Shelcing provides a steel metal decking, which is stronger and more durable than chipboard or wire mesh decking. 

This flexible shelf system can be used in combination, which can be used for long periods of time or placed in a single bay to meet your storage needs. The end frame is provided assembled together and can be set up quickly and easily. This modular shelf is ideal for many applications.

Our heavy duty long span storage racks are designed to support up to 3,000 kg per rack. Normally, it will have steel plates recessed into the beam. Alternatively, wire shelves and wooden shelves can be provided, thereby further enhancing the versatility of these storage systems. In addition, long span shelves can be easily converted into elevated storage areas to facilitate large scale order sorting systems or meet high density storage requirements.

At Maobang storage equipment and racking company, we provide a wide range of high quality and durable long span racks and other heavy duty racking options.


Characteristic Of Warehouse Heavy Duty Rack Storage

Characteristic Of Warehouse Heavy Duty Rack Storage
  • Complete project management & full installation.

  • Space consultancy & warehouse fit-out design.

  • Streamlined productivity & warehousing solutions.

  • Genuine product warranty, protecting your investment.

Maobang is a leading warehouse rack manufacturer for medium duty storage rack, we integrates brand management, product development, large-scale production, and marketing for warehouse rack system.

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