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Warehouse Light Duty Racking

Complete project management full installation Space consultancy warehouse fit out design Streamlined productivity warehousing solutions Genuine product warranty, protecting your investment.

As a warehouse racking supplier for medium duty rack, Maobang has committed to the development of warehousing and logistics for more than 25 years.


FAQ Of Warehouse Light Duty Racking

How High Can Shelving Go?

Shelving can go very high, but you will need to assess how the shelving is intended to be accessed. If the shelving is all being accessed from the ground, the top shelf should not be more than 2 merest high. There is the option to access the shelving by steps or scissor lifts, in which case it could be built many merest high, with portal ties between shelves securing them. However, in this case it may be more efficient to have a number of floors, turning them into mufti tier storage. 

Long span Racking offers a highly efficient storage solution with a high load bearing capacity to accommodate changes in product shape and size, packaging and relocation. 

How Wide Can Shelving Be?

The width of your shelving depends on the load as well as on the height of your system. If can often be more cost effective to use shorter beams and more posts, unless there is a need to store something very long.

What Weight Can Shelving Take?

Shelving can be engineered to take almost any weight, as budget will allow. Shelving required to take extremely heavy loads will be more expensive to build, and may also require reinforcements of the floor below the shelves. The operators will also need to take manual handling issues into account, and if Material Handling Equipment will be required, other safety considerations will need to be taken into account. 

Our company covers an areas of 50,000m², with work team over 100 employees devoted exclusively to design, manufacture and implement material handling equipment and systems.

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