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Warehouse Shelving Drive In Racking

Warehouse Shelving Drive In Racking

For high-density storage warehouses or pallet trucks with a lot of goods in small warehouses, driving is a cost-effective solution. The forklift can travel deep in the racking system. The depth of the rack reduces the need for aisles and greatly improves the utilization of cubic space.

This type of rack system consists of a set of rack units. And make support rails for pallets. Forklifts enter these internal passages. They must keep the pallet at a height higher than where it is placed.


Specifications Of Warehouse Shelving Drive In Racking

NameWarehouse Shelving Drive In Racking
Load Capacity1000kg2000 kgCustomized
Horizontal Beam100*45*1.5120*45*1.6Customized

Advantages Of Warehouse Shelving Drive In Racking

Advantages Of Warehouse Shelving Drive In Racking
  • High Density Storage, saving space and costs

  • Low stock rotation.

  • Available OEM design.

  • Drive in racking system ideal for cold storage.

  • Quality management is according with EN ISO 9001:2000 implemented and certified by Tuv Rhineland.

  • Drive in racking system can store up to 75% more pallets in the same size space than the Selective Pallet Racking System, it depends on your application, but it requires fewer aisles.

  • It is designed for store few varieties and large quantities of similar goods with maximum space utilization, goods are stores and removes from the same side, or from the opposite side in accordance with 'First-in, First-Out' Principle, It is especially suitable for standard goods units.

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