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Warehouse Single Deep Pallet Rack

The combination of High Rise Racking and High Rise Stacker Cranes using computer location systems is the ideal solution for large distribution warehouses handling very large quantities of palletised goods.

Saves space. Stores more as there are fewer lanes.

50% immediate accessibility with reasonable stock roatation.

Good use of all available lcoations, typically above 90%

Safe and secure handling with the bottom pallet usually off-ground.

Ability to use double deep handling equipment for other tasks.

Requires a special forklift.

Direct access to every selective shelving is achieved. VNA Rack System is serviced by special forklift trucks.The mast of the fork head rotates either left or right as required. The system can also be served by fork lifts with elevating operator cabins where the operator hand picks.

Very flat floors, close tolerance racking, carefully located pallets of uniform size and stock locationg systems are all prerequisites for successful narrow aisle systems.

Floor guidance in the aisles is mandatory and the design interface between every aspect of their system is needed.


Specifications Of Warehouse Single Deep Pallet Rack

NameWarehouse Single Deep Pallet Rack
Length(mm)190025002700Customized Size
Width(mm)8009001050Customized Size
Height(mm)300035004000Customized Size
Load Capacity800kg /layer1000kg / layer2000kg /layerCustomized load capacity
Upright90*60*1.690*60*1.890*60*2.0Can be Customized
Horizontal Beam80*40*1.6100*45*1.5120*45*1.6Can be Customized

Experience Of Warehouse Single Deep Pallet Rack

Experience Of Warehouse Single Deep Pallet Rack

When buying from MAOBANG pallet racking company, you will be dealing with experienced people who know what they are talking about.

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What Are The Advantages Of Single Deep Pallet Racking?

Single deep pallet racking offers several advantages for efficient and organized warehouse storage. Firstly, it maximizes storage capacity by utilizing vertical space effectively, allowing for high-density storage of palletized goods. It provides direct access to each pallet, facilitating easy inventory management and stock rotation. The configuration is simple and cost-effective compared to other complex racking systems. Single deep racking is compatible with most forklifts, enabling smooth and efficient loading and unloading operations. Additionally, it offers versatility as it can be easily adjusted and reconfigured to accommodate changing storage needs. Overall, single deep pallet racking optimizes space utilization, enhances inventory control, and improves operational efficiency in warehouses.

Differences of Single Deep Pallet Rack and Double Deep Pallet Rack

The main difference between single deep pallet racks and double deep pallet racks lies in the storage density and accessibility they offer. Single deep pallet racks provide direct access to each pallet from the aisle, allowing for easy inventory management and stock rotation. On the other hand, double deep pallet racks store pallets two deep, requiring a specialized forklift to access the inner pallet. While double deep racks offer higher storage density, they may limit accessibility and require additional maneuvering space for the forklift. Single deep racks provide greater flexibility in terms of access and are suitable for warehouses with frequent stock rotation, while double deep racks are more suitable for bulk storage with longer inventory holding times.

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