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Warehouse Steel Racking

The Longspan shelf picking system is an ideal solution for manual storage of small and medium non-palletizing products.

The range of accessories and possible configurations allow the system to be modulated and adjusted to suit any type of commodity.

Large span shelves are our medium duty storage solution that can be loaded manually. Designed for installation in narrow places, used to fix boxes, parts or anything that is quite heavy. It still maintains an impressive weight, up to 3000kg per rack. And we have so many sizes that we challenge you to space.


General Longspan Shelving Applications

General Longspan Shelving Applications

Spare parts, automotive parts, paints, etc.

Industrial and hardware supplies


Chemists warehouse

Supermarkets, Cash Carry

Distribution of electrical supplies

Light duty to medium duty goods

Pharmacy, toy, textile factory warehouse

The long span racking design is designed to meet applications under the capacity of standard pallet racking.

The long span stand has achieved excellent strength and flexibility by rolling formed steel. Each bay can load from 100 to 3000kg, easily store oversized, heavy, awkward shapes and even small cargo.

Warehouse long span racking will update new storage potential and maximize the available space in your warehouse. To bring us the most severe storage challenges, we will provide powerful and reliable rack solutions to meet your exact needs.

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