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Storage Warehouse Shelving And Racking

Product Features

Longspan shelf system is a very versatile storage solution, mainly used for manual picking and boxes storage of small and medium materials. The weight capacity of these systems depends largely on your needs, and some systems can carry up to 3000kg.

The rack can be adapted to any type of unit load and has a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Large span racks can be integrated into heavy pallet racks to provide a lower picking area below the bulk warehouse.

Generally, it is easy to install, and can provide adjustable shelf height and a variable number of shelves as required.

1. Could be customized to meet various kinds of products

2. Space saving and cost effective

3. Add bays or levels quickly and easily

4. Powder coated steel uprights, beams and boards


Our Company Of Storage Warehouse Shelving And Racking

Our Company Of Storage Warehouse Shelving And Racking

Maobang Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in the measurement, design, manufacturing, installation and consulting services of racks and other material handling systems, and is well known for providing racking system solutions.

Located in Guangzhou, we covers an area of more than 7000 square meters with over 300 staff. From slitting, punching, shaping and cutting to extrusion, strictly control manufacturing costs, that is the reason why we can offer the lowest price but still have good quality racks. 

Maobang uses a computer aided design system, CAD drawing and our talented and experienced team of designers plan and design your warehouse storage system. Strictly follow the ISO9001 standard, always pursue advanced management mode, constantly absorb advanced technology in the production line, research and develop new steel structure technology, and always maintain a leading position in the shelf industry, which offer best warehouse solution to our customers, also make us win good reputation from all over the world.

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