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Heavy Duty Metal Storage Rack

Heavy Duty Metal Storage Rack is a different kinds of warehouse storage rack.  medium duty storage shelf is suitable for clothing, food, factories, warehouses, logistics and other places. And load capacity iis from 100 to 500KG per layer.


Great Quality Of Heavy Duty Metal Storage Rack

It is really strong, the steel is top quality, the powder coating is better than the competition, and the steel plate is very thick.

Easy installation:

The only part that needs to be assembled is the beam and the steel plate. The column is already assembled, so all you have to do is to put the horizontal beam into the column and then put the steel plate.

So modular:

We have the largest beam length range in the country, so we can accommodate 99% of the space, so you can fill the available space with shelves. Need another shelf? simple. Do you need to add another length? easier!

Advantages Of Shelving Type Racks

  • Optimal price/functionality ratio;

  • Easy and rather quick assembly process during;

  • Made of high quality rust resistant metal;

  • Could be used in all types of storage warehouse;

  • Offer a wide range of constructive solutions making it possible to select optimal alternative for each client.

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