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Warehouse Steel Racks

Wide span racking provides a variety of deck and beam options to safely meet your budget and warehouse needs. It is very suitable for storing light to medium duty storage rack in commerce, trade and industry.

 The wide span is made of heavy duty steel and is an ideal storage rack for manual stockpiling in warehouses or back office applications. It can also act as an attractive bulk merchant on the sales floor. The boltless long span rack has a simple and basic design, can provide a variety of storage methods, and is easy to plan and set up.

Our long span shelf rack are stable, safe, and durable. They are very suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Many other racks use screws in their structure, and over time, the screws may become loose. But our wide span shelving racks use a specially designed, they do not need to use screws, so the connectors do not have the same loosening problems. This means that even after a long period of time, these shelves can remain stable and safe.

Please kindly check the above video, the installation is very easy, only takes about five to ten minutes.


Customer Cases

Customer Cases

These metal shelves are free standing, so you can access all sides. This means you can use these racks to easily and safely store awkward or even long objects.

Each unit is made of high quality powder painted steel frame. The shelf itself is made of high quality steel board. Each set can hold up to 3000kgs.

Long span shelves are ideal for warehouse storage solutions.

They are suitable for those who want to use available space vertically, whether on a shelf or under the floor. The height of the bottom beam shelf is not required, which allows additional storage on the ground at a height determined by the user. Our standard racks is very simple to set up and assemble. There is no need to worry about any trivial things during the assembly process. 

Advantages Of Warehouse Steel Racks

  • Stand alone units.

  • Modular design for future expansion.

  • All steel construction for strength and rigidity.

  • Easily expandable.

  • Easy to assemble, with boltless connections.

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