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Warehouse Storage Steel Mezzanine Platform

Double or Triple storage space.

Special locks are used to fix walkway and catwalk tightly.

The walkway has such advantages as good loading capacity, high precision, quite smooth walkway surface, and it's easy to be fixed.


Specifications Of Warehouse Storage Steel Mezzanine Platform

StyleManual storage.


Platform sizeBased on actual requests
Irregular size or sharp acceptedYes
Loading weight100 to 500kgs/Sq. M
Panel itemsGalvanized panel, Painting panel, Perforated panel
Standard colorBlue, orange, red, grey
Special color availableYes
MQQ1 unit
Delivery time7 to 15days for 2*40' containers
Standard exporting packageMetal strip, film, paper board and master carton.

Features of industrial steel mezzanines racking

Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturers

Storage is flexible and versatile: the bottom racking shelf is used as the support of the floor, and the function of storing materials at the same time. The upper layer has a platform to store goods, and the lower layer has a shelf structure, which stores a lot of small pieces and various items. , Good flexibility and practicality, are widely used in various factory warehouses.

Warehouse Racking

Assembled structure, beautiful and generous

Combined assembly type light steel structure, no welding at the installation site, beautiful overall, low cost, fast construction, and high space utilization.

Warehouse Racking System

Column, beam, support beam: use double C tube, material is Q235

The column makes full use of the effect of gravity dispersion to bend and increase the force; the foot piece increases the ground contact area, which not only reduces the ground pressure, but also makes all the columns in the same plane to prevent the shelf from tilting during use. The entire structure Stable and strong.

Racking Shelves For Warehouse

Rigorous surface treatment process, anti-corrosion and anti-rust

Degreasing, rust removal, sanding, dust removal, dusting, baking. After baking in a high-temperature oven of 200 degrees, a smooth and bright permanent spray is formed, which achieves the purpose of beauty, corrosion and rust prevention.

Wanna to improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs? Maobang shelving mezzanine will be your ideal warehouse racking system solution.

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