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Widespan Storage Racks For Industrial Use

Different types of industrial metal storage racks use different hole patterns to facilitate the hanging of beams. The commonly used hole patterns in the market today are trapezoidal holes, raindrop holes, butterfly holes, diamond holes and other hole patterns. There is no specific implementation standard for the specific pass type. Most manufacturers adopt the corresponding pass type according to their own production process.

For medium sized light duty racking, trapezoidal holes and butterfly holes are more commonly used in the market. The trapezoidal hole is convenient for punching, which is convenient for customers to carry out secondary expansion; the butterfly hole is beautiful and easy to install.


FAQ Of Widespan Storage Racks For Industrial Use

Are you factory?

Yes, our factory has over 100 workers standby. 

What is your delivery time?

In general, within 15 days. It also depends on the order quantity and rack types.

What’s trade term?

EXW, FOB are supported. If you have another request, please let us know. 

What’s your payment term?

TT by bank(Telegraphic Transfer) or by Alibaba platform. 

Advantages Of Widespan Storage Racks For Industrial Use

Advantages Of Widespan Storage Racks For Industrial Use
  • The number of layers and the width of each layer can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

  • Ideal choice for different types of goods.

  • All steel construction for strength and rigidity.

  • Suitable for storing large or heavy items.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Features industrial Metal Storage Racks

 1. Fully assembled structure, free combination, convenient and flexible installation and disassembly.

 2. The upright column is a fabricated structure. The crossbeam and the upright column are connected by a steel buckle and are locked with a safety key to prevent falling off.

 3. Optimize the cross-section of the shelf material and choose a variety of pipe materials to improve the cutting force.

 4. The column has an adjustment hole pitch every 60mm, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the height of the goods.

 5. Adjacent columns in the back-to-back direction can be connected by spacers to strengthen the connection, and the bottom of the columns can be used with ground nails to improve safety and reliability.

 6. It is suitable for the general manpower or stacker to unload the goods and use by enterprises with large storage capacity.

 7. The medium sized warehouse shelving and racking adopts the structural form of the combination of beams and laminates; it has the largest load-bearing, butterfly hole design, free lifting, and easy installation.

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