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With Ladder Mezzanine Racking

The mezzanine shelf is to build an attic on the existing warehouse floor or racking system, which is equivalent to building a two tier or multi tier small building in the warehouse. Improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, access some small and medium sized goods upstairs, cooperate with forklifts, hydraulic lift trucks and freight elevators to send the goods upstairs. Hand hydraulic carrier/Hand Carry Pallet Truck can be used upstairs to place the goods at the designated location.


Specifications Of With Ladder Mezzanine Racking

StyleCarton flow rack system, gravity sliding runner
SelectionSingle row, multiple rows
MaterialQ235B Steel( powder coated finish)
Dimension of rack1, Depends on carton/box sizes
Material section1,Beam: 80*45mm/90*45mm
100KG to 500KG2, uprights: 80*60mm

3, Thickness: Beam: 1.5 to 1.8mm; upright:1.5mm to 1.8mm
Weight capacity100KG to 500KG per level
Package1, Less than one container: steel pallets/steel straps/plastic film
2,full container: plastic film/steel pallets for items
ServicesCAD drawings for rack layout; CAD drawings for installation

The Main Factors Of The Attic Platform In The Storage Area

Warehouse Racking Manufacturer

The shape and size of the warehouse, the location of the warehouse gate and so on.

Warehouse Racking Company

The size of a single piece of goods. When the volume of single piece goods is large, the width of the channel between the shelves is large. When the volume of single piece goods is small, the channel is small, but it is a generally not less than 700mm.

Warehouse Racking Supplier

The general bearing capacity is at 300 to 500KG/square meters. The column selects a round pipe with strong bearing capacity and less steel.

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More Details For You To Know Maobang With Ladder Mezzanine Racking

01. Features Of With Ladder Mezzanine Racking

Affordable and modular manual storage system for small goods.


Quick and easy to extend and adjust.


Available in standard frame widths of 1500 and 2000 mm, and depths varying from 500 to 600 mm.


Wide range of accessories for various storage methods.


02. The mezzanine is the ideal solution for storing different types of materials or packages

Warehouse Racking Cost Per Square Foot

It can be used or adapted for work areas such as factory floors, offices, pallet materials, etc.

Warehouse Racking Suppliers

It allows the usable height of the building to be set at different levels, with spacing that reflects the client’s needs.

Warehouse Racking Companies

It can be calculated and adapted for different types of load (by square meter), at a cost lower than that of a regular floor.

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