Mezzanine Shelf Case -A Country In Southeast Asia

Case brief: this customer is our sales staff who saw their company's demand for purchasing shelves on alibaba and contacted them actively.The final customer chose the mezzanine shelf, and we provided the design plan and drawings.

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 The customer's site map is shown in the picture (before the mezzanine shelf is installed)

We designed the mezzanine work platform according to their company's site situation, and designed the appropriate plan according to their cargo size and bearing requirements.And revise the design according to their needs until they come up with a satisfactory solution.

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Customer demand:

Because the customer is an electrical system, so the mechanical parts are very many.shelves are needed to solve a series of problems;

(1) save space, improve the utilization rate of the warehouse;

(2) parts reasonable placement, improve the efficiency of storage and withdrawal;

The warehouse in the use of the process of security is also their concern.

Solution design: warehouse storage shelving is used to store parts, load does not need to be too large, mezzanine shelf medium size choice.The use of bulk pallet racking on the ground floor can not only improve the efficiency of manual access, but also make the entire warehouse look clean and clean;Two steel floors, mainly to meet the requirements of the fire, the elevator is to promote the movement of goods up and down, save manpower.

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The customer is quite satisfied with the efficiency and quality of our warehouse rack manufacturer installation in the early stage of the design and the later stage of the guidance, and proposes to cooperate with our company again in the future.

Finally, thank you very much for your recognition and cooperation!Also thank the installation master pay hard work!Make the customer very satisfied with the results!


We are a warehouse rack manufacturer with 20 years of experience. As long as you are willing to give us a chance, we will provide you with high quality products, competitive prices, fast delivery time and professional installation guidance services.

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