Pallet Rack Assembly

Before starting to install and assemble the storage pallet rack, please refer to the installation drawings provided by Maobang. 

1. Before Pallet Rack Assembly

(1) Check The Installation Guide

You should be able to find the installation methods of the columns and cross braces of different specifications and heights and the schematic diagrams of the columns and beams, read through the materials and carefully check the list of materials required to complete the installation.

(2) Check The Pallet Rack Assembly

Perform a thorough visual inspection of all components of the bulk pallet racking, including beams, columns, and racks. Make sure that there are no dents, warps or cracks. Even if you buy new consumables, it is necessary to check if there is no damage during transportation.

(3) Prepare The Workspace

Remove any obstructions or debris from the work space. If you plan to fix the pallet rack on the floor or wall, first learn about the building's load-bearing capacity.

2. Pallet Rack Assembly

(1) Install The First Set Of Racks

Erect a column: Using the chalk line as a guide, erect a column on the outer edge and fix it in place. With the help of an assistant, put the second one on the opposite side of the first one. Use a spirit level to check whether the column is vertical. If they are not vertical, place the spacers under the uprights until they are straight. Generally, a slight tilt of no more than 1/8 inch is acceptable.

Insert the back beam: Insert the bottom back beam first. With the help of your assistant, place the bottom rear beam in the correct slot between the two uprights and use a mallet to gently secure it in place.

Insert the front beam: After installing and fixing the two rear beams, the front beam can be installed. Starting from the top or bottom front beam, place it at exactly the same height as the rear top beam, and fix it like the rear beam. Then continue to install the remaining beams. After all the beams are installed, the first set of racks is formed.

Measuring square: Before installing the remaining brackets, use a tape measure to check whether the first set of brackets is perpendicular to the ground and horizontal, and whether all the distances are correct and equal to avoid the trouble of installing the racks later.

(2) Finish installing the remaining racks

(3) Add accessories, such as steel laminates, mesh laminates, support beams and so on.

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