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Cross beam industrial pallet shelving is one of the types of warehouse racks that many people choose. Pallet racking is also called high bay racking. 

Pallet shelving is very flexible and versatile, making it easier for staff to access goods. Heavy duty pallet racking shelves are usually designed with two pallets on each floor. 

The height of the rack should be designed in accordance with the height of the site and the required height of the goods. The load of each layer is 800kg to 4000kg. Because the stored goods are relatively heavy, the hands are generally unable to move. Yes, so forklifts are generally used to move goods. 

The forklift is the most convenient and economical tool for putting pallet goods on and off the shelf. It can freely store or remove the goods in any position. The forklift can do things for you that cannot be done manually. 

Pallet racking storage only needs one Human operation and simple operation.


Structural Characteristics Of Pallet Rack System

Structural Characteristics Of Pallet Rack System
  • Although the structure is simple, it has the characteristics of strong layer load capacity and strong impact resistance;

  • The combination can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the goods can be easily realized first in first out,suitable for storage of various types of goods.

  • The beam type shelf has low cost and is suitable for any handling tools, so it is the most widely used shelf.

  • With strong flexibility, it can be shaped into a rack for placing special goods, such as oil drum racks.

  • Effectively improve the utilization rate of warehouse space and effectively utilize the height of the warehouse.

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