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cantilever shelving system

Cantilever Shelving System

  • Cantilever rack system is optimal for the storage of long-shaped and bulky materials, profiles, pipe, timber and moulding etc.;

  • Constructed of structural H steel and traditional roll formed style both are available;

  • Single and double sided configuration available;

  • Different column and arm sizes available to suit various loading requirement;

  • Bolted arm and base connection.


Our service of Cantilever Shelving System

A well designed storage system is dynamic and reduces the overall cost of handling product within the organization. Heavy duty pallet rack is used in warehouses, factories etc.

FAQ of Cantilever Shelving System

where is your factory? May I have a tour?

our factory is located in guangzhou, China. You are welcome any time.

what is your delivery time?

usually within 15 days. It also depends on order quantity and shelf design.

do you have any samples?

yes, samples are always available. We will charge some sample fee and return it on the next order.

how do I install the rack?

we provide detailed installation instructions for each type of shelf. If necessary, we can ask the engineer to teach you for free.

can you produce according to the customer's design?

of course. We have A lot of experience in customizing shelves. Here are 10 excellent designers with 20 years of shelf design experience to provide you with professional design.

Please Offer Us The Following Information In Details, So We Can Give You The Exact Quotation

Please Offer Us The Following Information In Details, So We Can Give You The Exact Quotation
  • Size of your warehouse;

  • Full details of size L*D*H;

  • How many bays you want;

  • How many layers you want;

  • Loading capacity of each layers;

  • RAL color you require;

  • Drawing (if available).

Details Of Cantilever Shelving System

  • Easier to use

With no front column in the way, faster to load and unload, lowering handling time and costs.

  • More flexible

Loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row on a cantilever rack.

  • More compact

The lack of a front column saves horizontal space and provides more abundant handling clearance.

Choose Maobang single sided cantilever rack, Choose custom designed warehouse shelving and racking.

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