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cantilever rack
cantilever shelving system

Low Price Sheet Steel Bar Racking System

Suitable for long loads of varying lengths, weight and depth.

Simple and resistant structure.

Reduce handling time and enhance efficiency of inventory management.

Ideal for long item.


Technical characteristics of cantilever racking

Technical characteristics of cantilever racking

The column and foot are welded or bolted together.

The cantilever racks can be used single or double sided.

Column heights of up to 9 meter, perforated every 100mm (or 50mm optional).

The Cantilever racking is suitable for forklift and crane handling.

Ground guidance can be provided as an option.

The beams are bolted and adjustable per 75mm, corresponding with the sizes of the stored goods.

Arm lengths of our Cantilever racking range from 600 to 2500mm.

Cantilever arms are connected to the upright columns with pivot pin system to prevent forklift damage when loading or unloading from the level below. Cantilever arms are fitted with a removable end stop pin to retain product within the length of the arm where required.

Maobang's Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking has the ability to store long and odd sized items with exceptional load bearing capacity. There are multiple possible configurations including either a single or double sided cantilever rack including a large variety of sizes, giving your warehouse storage the opportunity to be tailored to maximise the space you have available. Effective and well organised cantilever racking systems are an essential part of today's logistics and warehousing.

We completely project manage and install your racking system.

We provide warehouse space consultancy and fit out designs for complete warehouse storage solutions.

Cantilever Racking can provide increased streamlining, productivity, effective and safe warehousing solutions.

We provide a genuine product warranty, protecting your racking investment.

We have single sided rack bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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