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Heavy Duty Cantilever Steel Pipe Racking

Suitable for long loads of varying lengths, weight and depth.

Simple and resistant structure.

Reduce handling time and enhance efficiency of inventory management.

Ideal for long item.


Why Choose Our Cantilever Racking Systems?

Why Choose Our Cantilever Racking Systems?

Cantilever Racking provides a versatile storage solution to store long and bulky items with maximum flexibility to meet your specific warehouse storage solutions needs. Our team of design consultant's expertise will provide the highest performing racking storage solution for your warehouse. Our warehouse racking is configured to meet your warehouse storage challenges to support your company's high level of customer service.

Cantilever Racking is available in light or heavy duty designs with the ability to be configured as single sided or double sided; combined with the wide range of sizes available, this enables your cantilever racking system to be tailored to maximise your storage space.

Usually utilised for storage of long materials like timber, steel, and flat sheets, Cantilever Racking Systems are a great product for the industrial and commercial market.

We have single sided cantilever rack bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs.

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