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Discount Cantilever Iron Pipe Shelving Unit

Suitable for long loads of varying lengths, weight and depth.

Simple and resistant structure.

Reduce handling time and enhance efficiency of inventory management.


FAQ OF Discount Cantilever Iron Pipe Shelving Unit

Can I have a canopy on my cantilever racking?

A roof can be built between two outside racks. 

This can be useful when storing product such as timber, to ensure it stays dry in bad weather.

What sort of equipment would be used to access cantilever racking?

Forklifts and reach trucks are most usually used to access cantilever racking.

What regulations do we need to follow for our cantilever racking?

SEMA decide industry standards for all types of racking, including cantilever racking. The most important factor is that the fabrication is from a reputable manufacturer and that they provide a proven steelwork design. (A computerised steelwork program shows what structure is required and can prove that it can bear the load.

Cantilever Racking Systems

Cantilever Racking Systems

Cantilever Racking Systems are mainly used for storing long items (profile, pipe, plastic, etc.). This system can be adjusted to the desired length with additional materials.

It has an optimum construction, which enable's storing goods side by side and continuously in different lengths. Uprights in the Cantilever Racking Systems can be used either as single sided or double sided. Desired system can be installed in both ways.

Racks with cantilever arms are often used with front fork or 4 way reach trucks. The use of a 4 way reach trucks for materials having large length's is inevitable to save on corridor widths. Nowadays, businesses use cantilever racking systems for medium and heavy loads in many fields.

This heavy duty Cantilever Rack is the perfect warehouse storage solution for holding aluminum sheets, flake board, dry wall and virtually any other long, flat or over sized product. The vertical columns on this rack contain strong horizontal arms that provide support for products and materials to safely rest until they're needed.

We have single sided rack bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve management and operation efficiency.

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