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Carton Flow Rack

What is Carton flow rack? Why we need a Carton flow rack system? What are the benefits of carton shelves?

Carton flow storage systems is made up by wheels, rollers or conveyors and a rack supported structure. The power of gravity makes it possible to work. Cartons are loaded on the high end of the rolling lane. With the power of gravity, cartons move towards the low ending.

Carton Flow storage systems require one side for loading and another side for unloading, allowing for the storage of multiple cartons one by one. So it is a great solution for reducing a variety of operational expenditures like forklift, labor and energy.


What we will do for you:

What we will do for you:
  • According to the weight of your goods, choose the right thickness material to produce the Carton flow storage systems.

  • According to the size of your warehouse, a copy of the Professional CAD Drawing would be designed for you.

  • We offer professional instruction to help you install the racks.

  • Professional things should be done by professional people, the one thing you should do is, choose us and trust us.

We supply warehouse flow racks on-site measurement, program design, on-site installation guidance, rack inspection and maintenance.RFQ!

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