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Commercial Adjustable Pallet Racking

Commercial adjustable pallet racking are the most commonly used shelf today, each layer bearing more than 500-4500Kg, and the storage density is low. Commercial selective pallet racking also called pallet shelves,  double deep pallet shelf , warehouse adjustable pallet racking system.  It has a great bearing capacity, wide range of high adaptability, high selection efficiency. Widely used in manufacturing, third party logistics and distribution center and other fields, it is not only suitable for small quantities of goods, but also for large quantities of goods. These shelves are most commonly used in high rise and ultra high rise warehouses.


Specifications Of Commercial Adjustable Pallet Racking

Product size Length2300/ 2500/ 2700/ 3000/ 3300/ 3600/ 3900mm
Width800/ 900/ 1000/ 1100/ 1200mm
Height2000 to 13000mm
LayerYou can adjustable
SurfaceElectrostatic spray surface
Terms of paymentT/T or Alibaba link
RemarkOEM or ODM accepted

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Advantages of selective adjustable racking system

Advantages of selective adjustable racking system

1. Individual access to all pallets to the full height of the warehouse.

2. Realize simple inventory rotation. Fast processing of almost all types of pallet goods.

3. Easy to adjust the beam and adapt to variable tray height.

4. Compatible with multiple types of handling equipment.

5. It can increase the economical rack beam for low-level picking.

6. The average position used is higher. 95% to 100% accessibility and good inventory rotation.

7. Bottom pallets can be stored on the floor, reducing structural costs.

8. Strength and rigidity prevent compression damage to the cargo.

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