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Drive In Pallet Storage Racks

Drives in pallet storage racks in a warehouse in a limited space. The drives in the tray storage rack are designed for every type of storage. The product remains at the same level. Move the goods to the top by prioritizing. For convenience and time saving, it is suitable for rack-mounted drives in industry and cold storage.


Specifications Of Drive In Pallet Storage Racks

NameDrive In Pallet Storage Racks
Weight Capacity1000kg/layer, can be customized
Upright(frame ) Heightup to 11,000 mm
Beam :LengthCustomized and up to 4,500 mm
Depth:700 to 1,200 mm
CertificateCE, ISO9000
FinishPowder Coating or Galvanized, Corrosion protection, Outdoor Powder Coated, Robot Welding
ColorBlue , Orange , Gray. Customized color available upon providing pantone number.
Lead TimeStandard 2 or 3 weeks

More Details For You To Know Maobang Drive In Pallet Storage Racks

01. Advantages Of Drive In Pallet Storage Racks

Use space more efficiently in the warehouse.


A very cost-effective cold storage solution.


No special handling equipment is required.


02. Suitable For Customer Of Drive In Pallet Storage Racks

This type of installation consists of a set of rack units forming an internal loading channel and support rails for pallets. When a forklift enters these internal passages, its load remains above the level to be placed.

30 Pallet Rack

Used for the same type of bulk cargo.

36 Pallet Rack

Ideal for cold storage and cold storage applications.

Pallet Rack Beams

Especially suitable for seasonal products.

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