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Galvanized Two Way Entry Metal Pallet

Before the steel pallet appeared, the rainy season weather may be the most feared time, because the wooden pallet will be corroded and become weak if it is exposed to frequent rain. Compared with wooden pallets, steel pallets are stronger, not afraid of wind and rain, and can carry heavier cargo. Therefore, steel pallets will gradually replace wooden pallets and become the mainstream.


Steel Pallets Have The Following Advantages

Steel Pallets Have The Following Advantages

1. Made of high quality steel, sturdy and durable, with large carrying capacity,

2. Beautiful appearance; surface galvanized or electrostatic spray treatment, no maintenance, extremely long service life;

3. Suitable for forklift operations, steel pallets (steel pallets) are convenient for storing goods;

4. Steel pallets (steel pallets) can be designed and customized according to the requirements of load capacity and external dimensions;

5. Steel pallets (steel pallets) are widely used in machinery, chemical, medical, textile, food, logistics and other industries

We have steel pallets for sale bulk wholesale at competitive prices, which improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs.

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