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Heavy Duty Flow Through Racking System

The design principle of the drive in drive through racking is to joint rows of traditional racks, without special access or aisle. It is allocated by two rows of racks installed back to back or a single group of racks against the wall, and the forklifts use the same aisle to access. This system racking is stored from inward to outward, and goods to be delivered are withdrawn from outward to inward in sequence. The drive in racking has good storage density, but goods can not be withdrawn in accordance with the principle of "first in and first out". 

The drive in rack is suitable for raw materials warehouses or transit warehouses for periodical batch operations and high storage frequency. 


Specifications Of Heavy Duty Flow Through Racking System


Beam levers are adjustable in 75mm pitch interval.

Different sizes, various specifications and colors are available according to your different needs.

Maximizes space utility ratio while retaining optimum product accessibility.

Strength and rigidity prevents compression damage to goods.

Bottom level of pallets can be stored on the floor, lowering structure costs.
MaterialHigh grade Q235B Cold Rolled Steel
Surface TreatmentHigh quality Powder  Coating Finishing.
Load Capacity Dimension

Loading capacity: 500 to 4000 kgs/pair beam.
Height: 1500 to 10000mm
Depth: single row 800 to 1200mm ( decided by pallet size)
Special sizes also available to specific storage needs.
Main Parts Specs(mm)

Upright: 90*70*2.0

Beams: 100*50*1.5/120*50*1.5/140*50*1.5/160*50*1.5/140*50*2.0/160*50*2.0

Horizontal & diagonal bracings: 40*24*1.5

Upright Footplates: 120*120*3.0

Safety locking pins
Certificates.CE certified, ISO9001,
Quick Delivery.Within 15 workdays (negotiable), according to quantity

Details Of Heavy Duty Flow Through Racking System

Details Of Heavy Duty Flow Through Racking System
  • Good stock rotation.

  • Good order picking: 100% selectivity.

  • Fast picking rate.

  • Good product protection.

  • 50% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area.

  • Limited pallet redundancy as system can run at 95%+ capacity.

  • Uses guide rails or wire guidance for fast movement in aisle.

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