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Heavy Duty Shelving System

Maximizing warehouse storage is the most concerned issue of many organizations. Our pallet racking system is specially designed to meet the needs of each warehouse with reliable durability, safety and flexibility. The selection of heavy pallet racks, industrial racks and warehouse storage racks we sell has the highest quality standards.

Selective pallet warehouse storage racks can achieve maximum space utilization and economical storage.

We are one of leading manufacturer of structural steel storage systems in China. For more than 20 years experience, we have high quality and trustworthy capabilities. The design, manufacturing and installation quality are the same as our quality standards for custom racking systems.

We provides you with all the advantages of structural steel. Using structural steel instead of roll forming steel in our manufacturing process allows us to manufacture tougher products. Structural steel is heavier, with stronger channel corners and thicker metal columns. Therefore, the finished product can withstand a higher abuse rate.


Characteristic Of Heavy Duty Shelving System

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

It is the universal pallet racking system used today.

The selective rack is usually manufactured in a diamond style. That is, the shape of the hole of the column is similar to diamond. Then, pallet is placed in a position where it is fixed on the horizontal load beam by a mounting clip. The clip with a diamond structure can install or move quickly, You can easily adjust the shelf to different heights to adapt to various load sizes, which is very convenient for warehouses that need to store various product sizes.

The structured pallet racking system is very similar to the roll forming pallet racking system, except that the horizontal load beam is bolted to the column and has a greater load bearing capacity. Bolt fixing makes it a form of adjustable shelf rack, which can be constructed, reconfigured, disassembled and reused as required.

For one-stop warehouse rack system service with single selective racking, We assure you the the most competitive warehouse rack solutions.

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