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Selective Steel Pallet Rack

Selective Steel Pallet Rack is one of the most popular storage systems. It also also called double deep adjustable rack, good quality selective pallet shelf system.

It provides 100% accessibility and ensures smooth, practical obstacles and defect-free stock rotation. In addition, it has great flexibility, is fully adjustable and easy to install.


Specifications Of Selective Steel Pallet Rack

LayersAdjustable layers customized
ColorBlue\Orange(Other colors can be negotiated)
Package: Knock downPacked by cartons with air bubbule foam.
MaterialCold rolled steel
FeatureEasy installation or disassembly
AplicationWarehouse, logistics, auto industry
Trade termExw or FOB
Delivery TermsDepends on the real quantity and factory production schedule.

Why did you choose warhouse pallet shelf system?

Double Deep Pallet Racking System

You can load and unload products faster, lowering handling time and costs.

Factory Pallet Racking

Direct access to each pallet.

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking System

Suitable for small batch or highly differentiated product lines.

High Bay Pallet Racking

Use a standard forklift to enter and exit.

Industrial Pallet Racking

Adapt to any product volume, weight or size.

Light Duty Pallet Racking

Easy to install.

What we will do for you

Lightweight Pallet Racking

Professional engineers help you to build your storage racks.

Mini Pallet Racking

Follow up the case, record the entire process, deal with your after sales service at first time.

Narrow Pallet Racking

Record customer respond, suggestion, requirement for better services.

New Pallet Racking

Design a Professional CAD Drawing for your warehouse.

Choose Maobang selective shelving, Choose custom designed warehouse shelving and racking.

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