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Heavy Duty warehouse Pallet Racking System

Heavy Duty warehouse Pallet Racking System is one of the most popular warehouse rack system nowadays. There are single deep and double deep pallet rack.  

The high adaptable frames and beams make it possible to use your orginal racks. The warehouse rack does offer greatly improved space utilisation by significantly reducing the width of the aisles and increasing the height of the frames. At the same time it still retaining the ability to access stock at all levels. These systems are made to support pallets of goods but can also be used as heavy duty shelving or, with accessories, to support other unit loads such as carpets, coils or drums.


Specifications Of Heavy Duty warehouse Pallet Racking System

NameHeavy Duty warehouse Pallet Racking System
DimensionW2000*D600*H2000mm, 4 layers per unit. Can be customized
Weight Capacity200kg/layer, can be customized
Upright(frame )D600* H2000mm, can be customized.
Beam :Length2000 mm, can be customized
FinishPowder Coating, thickness 60-80 um
ColorBlue, orange and grey white are available.
Lead TimeOnce you make a payment.

Advantages Of Heavy Duty Warehouse Pallet Racking System

Warehouse Storage Systems

Good stock rotation for pallet goods.

Warehouse Storage Equipment

You can access each pallet. It is 100% selectivity.

High Density Warehouse Storage Systems

Can handle all types of palletized goods fastly and easily.


  • This warehouse rack system don't requires a very super flat floor

  • Suitable for storing fast Moving Consumer Goods FMCG.

  • inventory is rapidly depleted and restocked called quick turnover.

  • Can store Different categories of Goods

We can offer a vast range of pallet racking including the biggest adjustable steel selective pallet rack.

Complimentary site survey and quotation service.  We strive to maximise your storage potential whilst reducing the cost.

Total peace of mind – you are dealing with a professional, highly qualified and experienced supplier. We will manufacture warehouse racking according to your requirement.

We have over 20 years experience in working with large and small companies across all industries.

Our large friendly team of installers is experienced. They have installed many big projects.

As a warehouse racking supplier for heavy duty shelving, Maobang has committed to the development of warehousing and logistics for more than 25 years.

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