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Industrial Mezzanine Floor Building

The characteristics of the mezzanine floor building: can improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse, save space, simple structure, easy operation, safe and reliable.

Steel structure in the mezzanine floor is used to utilize the high ceiling storage space to maximize the use of limited space. Mezzanines can also be adjustable platforms (one or more), supported by special columns fixed to the floor.

Maobang structural steel mezzanine provides the most cost-effective way to scale up production and storage. Create more use space for cost-conscious buyers, and provide perfect solutions.

Our mezzanine is specially designed. Strict engineering and design requirements enable us to avoid many problems in standard support design. What's more, our design minimizes materials to save costs as much as possible.


Advantages Of Industrial Mezzanine Floor Building

1. Increase surface area in industrial sites.

2. There are a wide variety of available sizes, floor types, building systems, etc., which can be adapted to the specific needs of customers.

3. Quick to assemble and easy.

4. They can be supplemented by various racking systems.

Application Of Industrial Mezzanine Floor Building

Application Of Industrial Mezzanine Floor Building

Installation is quick, clean and staightforward.

Custom designs fit any pre-built warehouse layout and budget.

Flooring options like chipboard, metal covered chipboard, slotted or metal grid.

Compatible with a variety of shelving or industrial storage systems.

Maobang is a leading warehouse rack manufacturer for mezzanine storage rack, we integrates brand management, product development, large-scale production, and marketing for warehouse rack system.

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