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Industrial Outdoor Cantilever Shelving Unit

Suitable for long loads of varying lengths, weight and dept.

Simple and resistant structure.

Reduce handling time and enhance efficiency of inventory management.


Specifications Of Of Industrial Outdoor Cantilever Shelving Unit

Brand nameMAOBANG (factory+trade company)
Product detailsItem No.MB001

Materialhigh grade Q235 Cold Rolled Steel

Treatmentwith electrostatic spraying and acid phosphating treatment, is solid in construction and anti rust in apperance.

Load capacity500 to 2000 kg/layer (or customized)

Size for reference(mm)different thickness,size,layers,and colors are available for you options.

Upright: H 1500/1800/2000/2500/3000/3500/4000mm

Single sided base: L 990/1190/1390/1590/1790mm

Double sided base: L 1390/1790/2190/2590/2990mm

Bracket: L400/600/800/1000/1200mm

Layers1 to 4 layers(or customized), level hight can be adjustable freely
Packingbeam and upright in bubble film,shelf in export cartons, safety for shipment
Delivery time10 to 15 workday upon receipt of the deposit

Maobang offers custom single sided rack for different warehousing logistics planning and design requirements.Inquiry now!

FAQ Of Industrial Outdoor Cantilever Shelving Unit

How deep can the cantilever arms be?

This will depend largely on what you're accessing the product with. The main issue will be that you don't want to strand product at the back of the racks. A reach truck can reach into deep racking but a standard forklift will not be able to access items that are further back than a standard pallet depth. You will also need to consider what you are storing. Anything that is inclined to roll, such as pipes or timber may slip off and pose a safety risk, unless they are able to be placed well onto the arms of the forks. A product such as flat wood is more likely to be reached and carried securely from deeper racking.

Do we need a special floor for cantilever racking?

No, cantilever racking can be built on a standard concrete floor. They can even go outside on tarmac, as long as the weight is spread to avoid particular legs from sinking. Your racking experts may suggest a footplate, with a big I-Section beam on the bottom, spreading the weight between the different piles. In this way, cantilever racking can have minimal problem with puncture weight.

Can Cantilever racking be built from a wall or out of a building column?

This will depend on the structure of the wall. In almost all cases it would not be possible to tie racking into the structure of the building, as you won't have information on the type of strains the building is already under.

Heavy racking can affect the dynamic loads placed on the walls, such as wind tolerance. You also don't want to interfere with the weights going down the building's columns as this risks structural instability. 

However, there may be an exception if you plan to build racking within the walls or columns when planning a new building. In this case, the engineers can account for the additional weights and plan the structure accordingly.

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