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Industrial Steel Selective Storage Racks

Heavy duty pallet warehouse racks, a type of warehouse racks that widely used in factory warehouse for storage and material handling, according to the total load of the modular warehouse rack.This type of racking system is widely used in the auto parts industry, auto shops, light industry, electronic equipment and other fields.


Characteristic Of Industrial Steel Selective Storage Racks

Successful Cases

Successful Cases

Heavy duty pallet racks are one of the most widely used types of racks in the global warehousing industry. The main structure is a frame structure composed of two major components, column pieces and beams. Heavy duty pallet racks are mainly based on pallets or similar container is a shelf type shelf where the storage unit is used. In the design of the length and width of the shelf, it is usually based on the specifications of the pallet or container used.

Usually equipped with electric forklifts to transport goods to the roof. Installation, disassembly and assembly are convenient and flexible, and can be divided into several layers according to location and needs.

Heavy duty warehouse shelves are made of high quality thick steel plates. The solution to surface electrostatic induction is to spray powder on the surface to prevent corrosion and rust. Each pallet can be stored or moved independently.

Storage racks make the transportation of goods more convenient. It can be integrated into many types of products, the load bearing beam can be adjusted according to product specifications, and the upper internal space of the warehouse can be used flexibly.

The service facilities are relatively simple, the cost is the lowest, and the installation and disassembly are extremely convenient.

Choose Maobang selective shelving, Choose custom designed warehouse shelving and racking.

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