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Warehouse Pallet Storage Shelving Systems

There are two types of commercial racking systems. One is that you don’t need to put items on the pallet and then put them on the shelf for direct use. Heavy duty industrial shelving racks can store the goods directly by adding a mesh or partition on the beam of the shelf. It is usually suitable for large standard parts, which can be directly placed on the shelf by forklifts or tools; the other is the pallet shelf that we commonly use and is the most used, which is usually after the items are placed on the pallet. Then use forklifts or tools to put the pallets on the shelves. This type of heavy duty rack shelving is suitable for items in most industries. Because the industrial warehouse shelves can adjust the width according to the size of the pallet, and can be designed as double depth, one unit can store four There are two pallets, so it greatly saves space and improves the storage density of goods. It is one of the shelves recommended by small and medium-sized enterprises.


Benefits of warehouse storage systems

What we will do for you

What we will do for you
  • According to the weight of your goods, choose the right thickness material to produce the Carton flow storage systems.

  • According to the size of your warehouse, a copy of the Professional CAD Drawing would be designed for you.

  • We offer professional instruction to help you install the racks.

  • Professional things should be done by professional people, the one thing you should do is, choose us and trust us.

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