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Warehosue Double Deep Pallet Racking

Warehosue double deep pallet racking 1.Product name: Warehosue double deep pallet racking 2.Material: Cold-rolled Steel 3.Surface Treatment: Electrostatic Spray 4.Load Capacity: 500-3000kg/layer. 5.Layers per unit: 4-8 layers. 6. Color:Blue,Orange (color can customized) 7.Feature:Anti-rust, Corrosion-protection. easy to install. 8.Packing: Knockdown package by cartons and air bubbule foam. Safe for long-distance transportation.


Specifications Of Warehosue Double Deep Pallet Racking

NameWarehosue double deep pallet racking
Length(mm)190025002700Customized Size
Width(mm)8009001050Customized Size
Height(mm)300035004000Customized Size
Load Capacity800kg /layer1000kg / layer2000kg /layerCustomized load capacity
Upright90*60*1.690*60*1.890*60*2.0Can be Customized
Horizontal Beam80*40*1.6100*45*1.5120*45*1.6Can be Customized

Advantages Of Warehosue Double Deep Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking System Manufacturers

The forklift can access every pallet directly.

Black Pallet Racking

Suitable for large varieties goods.

Blue Pallet Racking

Adaptable to any product volume, weight no matter large volume nor heavy duty.

White Pallet Racking

Pallet racks can increase warehouse space usage effectively. You can store more goods.

Steel Pallet Racking

Height of level can be adjusted by every 75mm.

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