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Large Capacity Mezzanines Rack

Model NO. Large Capacity Mezzanines Rack

Weight capacity: 100 500kgs/Level

Color: Blue/as Your Requirement

Transport Package: Wrapping Film

Material: Cold rolled steel

Origin: Guangzhou, China

HS Code: 7308900000

Do you want to use the storage platform to expand the warehouse and effectively use the storage space below it? With honeycomb racks and quick access to the racks, we provide you with an ideal solution for storing materials and steel. It is ideal for large halls and low storage rooms, so it can be adapted to your special requirements. Then, you can think of a large-capacity mezzanine shelf.

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More Details For You To Know Maobang Large Capacity Mezzanines Rack

01. Product Features And Benefits Of Large Capacity Mezzanines Rack

Design tailored to the shape of the site and the load bearing performance required.


Provides the greatest amount of usable space on top and the least possible obstructions underneath.


Shelving can be easily added above or below the floor.


Can accommodate multi tier application


02. Considerations Of Large Capacity Mezzanines Rack

If you want to build a large-capacity mezzanine shelf, we hope to help you! But what other factors need to be considered before you request a quote...

Warehouse Shelving Systems

The size of your warehouse

You may already know the required floor size, but flexibility is important. Our team will always allocate time to visit potential sites in advance, which will enable them to provide the most efficient and economical design for your space. In addition, you may need to consider multi-layer floors, all of our floors are designed in accordance with current building regulations.

Warehouse Shelving Units

Column position

Before making a layout diagram, we need to know if there are any columns in your warehouse. If so, we need to know their location.

Warehouse Storage Shelves

Position distance

When constructing the mezzanine floor, we will install some steel columns on the ground. If you want to place a larger workplace on the ground (under mezzanine). Then, you need a greater distance. (The distance between every 2 posts).

Warehouse Storage Shelving Systems

What purpose will the floor be used for?

Consider the reasons for going downstairs, whether to expand storage facilities? Improve the efficiency of automated processes? Is it for customers in retail stores? Each of these different uses will have an impact on the overall design and other ancillary equipment.

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