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Light Duty Shelving Rack

Hand loaded racks or shelves for picking are designed to accommodate loads that can be manipulated by humans for storage or retrieval. The system has the necessary configuration and design flexibility to allow a long length, which can store bulky goods and have multiple configuration possibilities in height.

The light duty warehouse racking system is composed of welded uprights or frames along its height, and the load can be placed horizontally at the required height. These frames are formed by two uprights, which are connected by supports and are responsible for delivering goods to the warehouse floor.

In the horizontal direction, the load level consists of two beams, one at the front of the beam and one at the back of the beam, on which you can have a wooden floor (particle board) or a metal steel board. It is on these shelves that goods are stored and stored on these shelves.

Depending on the required beam length and the load to be stored, different beam profiles can be used.


Our Company Of Light Duty Shelving Rack

Our Company Of Light Duty Shelving Rack

Maobang racking company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of racks and shelves and storage equipments. Since 1998, with more than 20 years of professional knowledge and experience, Maobang has become one of the leaders in racking industry step by step and our dealers extend greatly to all over the world.

Our company covers an areas of 50,000m², with work team over 200 employees devoted exclusively to design, manufacture and implement material handling equipment and systems.

If you got any requirements on the racking system, such as the size, load capacity, SKU, loading method, etc., just kindly tell us what you want, we will offer you a satisfied warehouse solution.

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