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Lightweight Warehouse Storage Racks industrial

Widespan rack is a very economical, practical and convenient warehouse storage racking shelf. Because of its light load, it is often called light duty racking. It is the most widely used of all racking shelves, and has no requirements for the use of the site and the items stored, whether it is a warehouse, production line or home, it can be used.

That kind of warehouse storage rack is composed of three parts: uprights, beams, and laminates. The light duty racking adopts a screw-less combined design as a whole, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble.

It is suitable for storing some light and small items and is a kind of shelf rack. The structure of the light-duty shelf is the same as that of the medium-sized shelf. It can be disassembled and assembled automatically. The height of the layer can be adjusted freely at a distance of 5cm. However, its material specifications are relatively small and the carrying capacity is relatively small. 

The price of this kind of light-duty shelf is relatively economical and the structure is relatively universal angle steel. The shelf should be stable and reliable, and the surface should be treated with plastic spray, which is beautiful and clean. It is suitable for storage of light and medium-sized items and manual access.

Light shelf is a kind of warehouse shelf which is very economical, practical and convenient. The shelf is composed of three components: column sheet, beam and laminate. Light duty rack adopts screw free combined design, convenient installation and disassembly. Suitable for storing some light weight goods.


Characteristic Of Lightweight Warehouse Storage Racks Industrial

Characteristic Of Lightweight Warehouse Storage Racks Industrial
  • Load bearing is 100 to 500kg per layer/tier.

  • Simple structure and operation.

  • Suitable for storage of small size, large quantity and manual handling goods.

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