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Long Span Shelving For Sale

long span shelving for sale is also called wholesales price mobile racking, long span racking system rack, industrial metal storage shelves , factory storage rack ect.

Long span tyre shelving is an economical type of solution for shops and garages. This racking is ideal for use in the industrial. Made from steel frames and beams. Increased storage density. Solid, stable design for both rimmed and standalone tyres.Advantage of long span shelving


Characteristic Of Long Span Shelving For Sale

Characteristic Of Long Span Shelving For Sale

1. Rugged, versatile and economical shelf system, the most widely used to store various items.

2. A variety of shelf heights, depths, lengths and loading capacity can be provided according to customers' storage requirements.

3. You can adjustable shelf height by 73MM/unit.

4. Very easy to install and disassemble.

5. Fast processing and direct access to all types of goods.

6. Maximize the use of space in any storage room configuration while maintaining the best product availability.

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