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Medium Duty Racking System

Maobang widespan shelving is a light duty to medium duty racking system. Carefully engineered profile of upright and horizontal beams to cater to loading capacity of 100kg to 500kg per level or total load per bay equal to 3000kg. With options of 0.5 to 1.2mm Steel Shelving to suit different clients storage requirement.

Maobang light duty storage racking is designed to be easily assembled without nut and bolt fasteners, the only accessory are the safety pins. It is easily adjustable and quick to assemble and dissembles. Each shelf level is adjustable. This makes Boltless Rack a good option as display racks for workshops, offices, and home.


FAQ Of Medium Duty Racking System

Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a factory. We specialize in all kinds of warehouse storage rack.

What are starter and add on rack?

The difference between these two kinds of racks is upright. Starter rack is the start bay with 2 uprights and add on rack with only 1 upright. As you can see from the name, the add on rack can be added on the starter rack.

What is the raw material of your products?

What is the raw material of your products?

What is the terms of payment?

TT by bank, Credit card(Master, VISA), E checking, etc.

What is the delivery times?

Normally it is 5 to 15 days. It depends on order quantity and rack type. For in stock racks, 1 to 3 days is okay.

What is the manner of packing?

Generally, shelves are flat packed by air bubble film, they can protect the racks from being damaged in long distance shipping.

How could you guarantee the products quality?

We have professional engineer to check what size should be used to guarantee your load weight request. Before shipping, our quality control also would carefully check whether the quality is okay.

Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Long span shelves can be picked up manually.

Flexible and easy to assemble with cost effective storage that can be optimized to meet individual needs.

The long span warehouse shelving system is modular, and depending on the product to be stored, the shelf can be easily rearranged and expanded.

The height of the shelf can be adjusted in every 55mm.

Medium and heavy duty goods can also be stored.

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