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Medium Duty Warehouse Storage Shelf Factory

Due to our highly talented professional team, the storage rack we provide is designed with high quality and reliable raw materials and advanced technology in line with industry standards. Maobang company provides storage rack, according to customer needs to provide a variety of specifications and design. Heavy duty shelves are made of cold rolled structural steel shelves to store higher capacity product loads, and heavier structural channels provide higher abuse resistance.

Wide span shelving is designed for hand-loaded, medium to heavy loads. It is ideally suited for storing small stocks of many different product types for person to goods picking. The system is accessed on foot, either at floor level or from elevated walkways fitted between racks.


Specifications Of Medium Duty Warehouse Storage Shelf Factory

Structures1, Upright frames( 2 upright column and braces)

2, Beam with hanger( to hang into upright)

3, Support decking: MDF, steel plate

4, Section of upright: 55*45

section of beam: 80*60mm, 60*40mm

5, Thickness of steel:

Beam: 1,2mm.1,5mm,1.8mm

Upright: 1.5mm,1.8mm,2.0mm

Choose Maobang medium duty storage rack, Choose custom designed warehouse shelving and racking.

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