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Powder Coating Warehouse Rack Shelving

1.Item Code: Powder Coating Warehouse Rack Shelving

2.Material: Cold-rolled Steel

3.Surface Treatment: Electrostatic Spray Powder coating

4.Load Capacity: 100-500kg/layer.

5.Layers per unit: 4-6 layers. Can be customized.

6. Color:Blue,Orange, Grey (any color can be customized) 

7.Feature:Anti-rust, Corrosion-protection. No nut, bolts or shelf clips. It is easy to be installed.

8.Packing: Knockdown package by cartons and air bubbule foam. Safe for long-distance transportation.

We provide high-quality and reliable heavy-duty racks that are used in many industries to carefully store and stack many heavy-duty products. These are widely known in the market for their long-lasting durability and ability to withstand heavy loads for a long time. 

Made of the highest quality stainless steel, there is no risk of cracking or damage, they have the ability to prevent rust, corrosion and other such external factors. We provide these heavy duty racks at market leading prices.


Specifications Of Powder Coating Warehouse Rack Shelving

Product NamePowder Coating Warehouse Rack Shelving
Load Capacity700kg /layer500kg / layer300kg /layerCustomized load capacity
Upright70*60*1.670*60*1.550*55*1.5Can be Customized
Horizontal Beam80*40*2.060*40*1.860*40*1.6Can be Customized
Decking(mm)1.0(thickness)0.70.7Can be Customized

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Advantages Of Warehouse Shelves

Advantages Of Warehouse Shelves

It has the characteristics of light weight, strong load-bearing capacity, beautiful appearance and free assembly and disassembly. The beam can be adjusted vertically within a 75mm pitch.

Each layer can load up to 500kg. The surface of the frame will be coated with electrostatic powder. Therefore, the rack is suitable for factories, warehouses, assembly lines and warehouse supermarkets.

Wanna to improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs? Maobang medium duty rack will be your ideal warehouse racking system solution.

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