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Boltless Warehouse Storage Steel Shelving

The Longspan shelving system is the ideal solution for manually storing small to medium sized non palletised products.

The range of accessories and possible configurations allow the system to be modulated and tailored to any type of goods.

Extraordinary load capacity.

Steel panel racking system can replace chipboard, which are more durable.

Fully adjustable and easy to install.

Wide range of frame height and beam length could be chose.

3D design, CAD drawing and layout development services.

Independently certified and designed to meet all requirements.


General Longspan Shelving Applications

General Longspan Shelving Applications
  • Spare parts, automotive parts, paints, etc.

  • Industrial and hardware supplies.

  • Merchandising.

  • Chemists warehouse.

  • Supermarkets, Cash and Carry.

  • Distribution of electrical supplies.

Advantages Of The Longspan Shelving Storage System

1. This is the most powerful sorting system on the market

2. Heavy load picking system

3. Flexibility: Longspan shelf is easy to assemble and replace add components.

4. Direct access to the visualization of all unit loads and all products stored.

5. The beam level can be easily adjusted every 50 mm.

6. Steel or particleboard shelf.

7. In order to maximize the use of floor and height space, the smallest load and narrow aisle installation can be achieved with the help of order sorter.

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