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Wide Span Storage Racks Metal Shelving

Longspan racking provides an efficient storage solution with high weight capacity and can adapt to changes in product shape and size, packaging and relocation.

The long span shelf unit is a simple storage unit that is easy to assemble, they are suitable for various storage needs from spare parts, hardware and workshop accessories, retail items and so on.

A wide range of racking systems with reasonable prices and flexible storage solutions can be used for large and long items.

From small and light to large and heavy  items can be stored in such a wide shelf system. Stored in a horizontal or vertical position, goods can be optimally accommodated in a medium duty storage rack. Large area storage options make it easy to store and unload goods.


Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Large span shelves are usually fixed together with uprights and beams, which makes its installation extremely quick and easy. If you need to redesign or add, this construction method can achieve easy adaptability and adjustability.

The design itself is modular, so it can be added at any time (provided that capacity constraints are not ignored) facility space permits-and can be reconfigured in a variety of ways, which is especially suitable for high turnover and high inventory situations.

Wide wpan racks are

Easy to install and adjust

Durable and easy to maintain

Suitable with other accessories

Cost effective and affordable

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