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Metal Industrial pallet Storage Racks

Metal industrial storage racks belongs to Selective pallet racking will optimize your space and improve your stock control. Because of the wide range of dimensions, load capacities and accessories, our warhouse pallet racking can be adapted to all types of spaces and for all manner of products regardless of their size and weight.

A well designed storage system is dynamic and reduces the overall cost of handling product within the organization. Heavy Duty Pallet Rack is used in Warehouses, Factories etc. 

Each row must start with a starter rack, and then use additional brackets to increase the length of the row. There is no limit to the number of anther rack that you can continuously connect together.

When determining the length of the line, in addition to the beam length, the width of each frame must be 3 inches. For example, a row with two 8-foot beam brackets will consist of a starting bracket and an additional bracket, which will have three uprights. Each 3-inch column takes up 9 inches of space. Add it to two 8-foot-long beams for a total length of 16 feet 9 inches.

Using our pallet rack configurator (above) will automatically calculate the correct length of each row of racks. You can also email a copy of the design layout to you immediately.


Specifications Of Metal Industrial Pallet Storage Racks

TypeMetal industrial storage racks
Loading capacityCustomized
Thickness of Upright0.8-2.2mm,can be Customized
Thickness of Beam0.8-2.2mm,can be Customized
ColorBlue orange&Silver&Black
MaterialHigh-quality steel,Q235
ApplicationExpress, logistic, pharmacy, kitchen etc
FeatureCorrosion protection

Characteristic Of Metal Industrial Pallet Storage Racks

Bulk Pallet Racking

Maximize your storage space and inventory access.

China Pallet Racking

Suitable for various size of pallet.

Pallet Racking Companies

Can stand various weights and work well.

Pallet Racking Suppliers

Innovative design allows for fast and simple assembly.

Wanna to improve warehouse storage space utilization, and reduce warehousing logistics operating costs? Maobang single selective racking will be your ideal warehouse racking system solution.

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